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Live Your Best Life.

Our Mission

To inspire, guide, and motivate you to transform your life.

Be Your Best You.

Hi, I’m Shane

I want to welcome you to New You, New Chapter.

I started NewYouNewChapter.com to help those looking to improve themselves or just flat out start over. My mission is to inspire and motivate others to transform their lives.

Whether that be to live with more confidence, start your dream business, get fit, or just live with more balance. I am here to give you practical tools and strategies to make your journey a success.

I’ve always been about personal and professional improvement. As a matter of fact I’ve had several niche websites in the past so I may look familiar to some of you. Everything from creating confidence and happiness, to website development.

I’ve learned so much over the years and have had so much success in my life, that I want to give back. I want to serve you. You’ll find all my know-how, experience and knowledge right here on this website. I’ve struggled with everything from confidence and self-esteem, to divorce and depression. I’m no stranger to failure and have had my back against the wall many times.

But I transformed… and I am still transforming. It’s a process!

I’ve come a long way, and you can too.

No matter what your goals are, and no matter what your struggles, things can and will work out. After all, it’s a new you, and it’s a new chapter.

Quick Facts About Me

Father of 4 sons, Lucky husband, MBA graduate, Certified Life Coach, 20+ years federal service, DC Comic fan all the way, Total geek, Lives in beautiful Colorado.

I Can Help!

Here are some things I can help you with on your transformation journey!

1:1 Coaching

Gain confidence, get balanced, stay productive and motivated with the help of an experienced transformation coach.


Take a growing number of online courses from the comfort of your own home.


From worksheets to workbooks, I have a ton of resources to help you on your journey. Free and Premium.

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