Get Smart – by Brian Tracy Book Review

When it comes to financial success and building wealth, Brian Tracy is one of the best. He is a popular business coach, entrepreneur, author, and speaker that has made millions, helping other people just like you create incredible wealth. In his book, Get Smart: How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field, he gives you some extraordinary wealth building strategies that millionaires have been using for generations to build wealth.

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What Get Smart Promises

Get Smart promises to train your mind to think in ways that will create successful results. It promises to help you recognize and find and use growth opportunities in any situation. The book also promises to help you eliminate negative patterns that have kept you from success and achieve your goals faster.

My Thoughts

Overall I think this book is packed full of great information. If you are familiar with Brian Tracy and his teachings you will be familiar with many of these strategies but it’s nice to have a simple, straightforward guide with these strategies in one place. If you are new to Brian Tracy this is a great book as well because many of the things you will learn you can apply to other areas of your life, not just in your finances. In a nutshell, Get Smart is a mindset book. It trains you to think the way that successful people do, period. Whether that’s to be successful at making millions, in your career, in your health, etc., it’s a great resource.

Some Things in Get Smart That Stuck Out To Me

7 Reasons Why You’ll NEVER Be Rich

This is a list of reasons why you’ll never be wealthy in life. This list focuses primarily on your way of thinking and habits.

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Using Zero-Based Thinking To Make Decisions

This is a concept that Brian Tracy teaches often. It basically says that if you could go back in time before you made a decision, would you still make the same decision know what you know now. It’s a very effective way to make decisions.

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The Habits of The Rich

If you want to be rich and wealthy, you must adopt their habits. Every millionaire is different but Brian Tracy has found that almost all of them have common habits.

These were just a few of many golden nuggets sprinkled throughout this book. Get Smart is not a long read but contains valuable information for those who want to make a change in their finances and life in general. Make sure you add this to your self-help book collection.

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Get Smart

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