Overcoming Limiting Beliefs – Inspirational Stories

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? Our beliefs determine the desires and goals we achieve. From an early age, family, friends, and society condition us to believe a certain way. Our beliefs are so much a part of who we are, that we never even think to question them. Some people go about their everyday lives being controlled by their limiting beliefs. Is there a business you are hesitant to start because you believe you’ll fail? Do you avoid going back to college because you feel you are too old? Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from chasing your dreams.

One of the techniques I give my clients when they are struggling with limiting beliefs is to think of a time when the belief was proven true. More often than not, my clients can’t come up with a fact that supports their limiting beliefs.  It is amazing how we go our whole life looking for things to reinforce our limiting beliefs but when you actually think and challenge them, the beliefs rarely have actual substance. There are hundreds of stories of people from all walks of life doing things that you yourself believe you can’t do.  People just like you, are creating successful businesses, getting in unbelievable shape, starting a new career… the list goes on. Here are a few of these stories.


At the age of 22, Walt Disney had just suffered a devastating setback in his animation career. He ended up going bankrupt after a failure in Kansas and decided to quit animation. He figured that since he was no good in animation, he would switch gears and move to Hollywood to pursue acting. Once there, he and his brother realized California had no animation studio presence. He renewed his belief and the rest is history. Years later, Disney was faced with more adversity. He needed a loan to fund his next project, a theme park. Over 100 banks turned him down and he was criticized for wanting to build such a park on swamplands. Despite his best efforts, no one would fund him. He kept believing that one day he would open his park, and Disney eventually found his funding doing television. He dedicated Disneyland on July 17, 1955, before a television audience of millions.

Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard was born with a rare condition that prevented the formation of fetal limbs. Despite his challenges, he pursued wrestling. Critics said he’d never win a match and Kyle believed them. He struggled, losing every one of his matches. Then an interesting thing happened, he started believing in himself and believed he could win. Once he did, he went undefeated for an entire year and ended his wrestling career with 135 victories and placed 12th in the nation.

“It really had nothing to do with the physical side of things, but for a long time I bought into the belief of other people telling me that I’ll never win a match, so I didn’t.” – Kyle

Kyle is now a motivational speaker, teaching the power of belief to thousands of people all over the world.

Roger Bannister

Decades ago, scientists agreed that it was physically impossible for a human being to run faster than a 4-minute mile. They concluded that a person’s lungs would explode before this would happen. They failed to consider the perseverance and beliefs of Roger Bannister. On May 6 1954, Bannister became the first human to be documented running a mile faster than 4 minutes. He clocked in at 3 min. 59.4 seconds.

These are only a few, of thousands of examples, on how your beliefs can help you reach your desired goals. Sadly, there are millions of examples of how limiting beliefs can keep you from your desired goals. Believe in yourself. If you do, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

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